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How a photographer captured the ‘Kafka-esque’ lives of young migrants in Spain

How a photographer captured the ‘Kafka-esque’ lives of young migrants in Spain

For three years, Colombian photographer Felipe Romero Beltrán documented the lives of nine young Moroccan migrants living in a government facility in Spain. His project, titled Life in Limbo, offers a glimpse into their hopes, dreams and struggles as they navigate a complex and uncertain situation.

The migrants, who arrived in Spain as unaccompanied minors, were placed under the protection of the state until they turned 18. However, once they reached adulthood, they faced the risk of deportation or becoming undocumented. Romero Beltrán said he wanted to show the human side of their stories, beyond the stereotypes and statistics.

“I wanted to portray them as normal teenagers, with their own personalities, hobbies and aspirations,” he told CNN. “They are not just numbers or victims. They are resilient and courageous people who have overcome many difficulties.”

Romero Beltrán said he gained the trust of his subjects by spending time with them, listening to their stories and sharing his own experiences as an immigrant. He said he was inspired by the works of photographers like Josef Koudelka, Sebastião Salgado and Robert Capa, who captured the realities of displacement and exile.

He also drew from his background in philosophy and literature, referencing authors like Franz Kafka, Albert Camus and Gabriel García Márquez in his captions. He said he wanted to create a dialogue between art and journalism, using metaphors and symbols to convey the emotions and challenges of his subjects.

“I think photography has the power to create empathy and awareness,” he said. “It can also be a tool for social change and advocacy. I hope my project can contribute to that.”

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