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Nail Trends and Health Risks to Watch Out for in 2023

Nail Trends and Health Risks to Watch Out for in 2023

As we enter a new year, many people are looking for ways to update their style and express their creativity through their nails. However, some nail trends and treatments may come with health risks that are worth being aware of.

According to experts, some of the most popular nail trends of 2023 will include blue nail polish, press-on nails, nature-inspired nail art, lilac shades, and pink and brown combinations. These trends can be fun and easy to achieve, but they may also require exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light, chemicals, or glue that could damage the nails or the skin.

A recent study published in the journal Nature Communications found that radiation from nail dryers may cause DNA damage and cancer-causing mutations in human cells. The researchers exposed cells from humans and mice to UV light and found that a 20-minute session led to 20% to 30% of cells dying. Three consecutive 20-minute exposures made 65% to 70% of the exposed cells die. The remaining cells experienced mitochondrial and DNA damage, resulting in mutations with patterns that have been observed in skin cancer in humans.

Dr. Julia Curtis, an assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Utah, who was not involved in the study, said that the findings reaffirm the harmful effects of UV radiation and show direct cell death and damage to tissue that can lead to skin cancer. She compared UV nail lamps to mini tanning beds for the nails and advised people to avoid them or use sunscreen and protective gloves when using them.

Another potential risk factor for nail health is chemotherapy, which can cause various changes to the nails such as discoloration, brittleness, ridges, splitting, infection, or loss. A 2020 research found that melanonychia, which is when nail discoloration appears brown or black, was the most common nail-related side effect of chemotherapy, affecting 84% of people.

To prevent or manage chemo nails, experts recommend keeping the nails short and clean, moisturizing the cuticles, avoiding nail polish or artificial nails, wearing gloves when doing household chores, and consulting a doctor if signs of infection appear.

Other nail diseases that can affect people include psoriasis, fungal infections, bacterial infections, ingrown nails, and tumors. These conditions may cause symptoms such as inflammation, pain, bleeding, pus, changes in shape or color, or separation from the nail bed. People who notice any of these signs should seek medical attention and follow the appropriate treatment.

Nails are not only a way to express one’s personality and style, but also a reflection of one’s health and well-being. By following some simple tips and precautions, people can enjoy their nail trends while keeping their nails healthy and strong.

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