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Rare drawings by King Charles II as a child go on sale

Children's drawings by King Charles II

A collection of drawings made by King Charles II when he was a young boy has been put up for sale by a London-based dealer. The drawings, which date from around 1638 to 1640, show the future king’s artistic talent and interest in animals, landscapes, and architecture.

The drawings were part of a larger album that belonged to the king’s tutor, William Cavendish, the first Duke of Newcastle. Cavendish was a loyal supporter of Charles I during the English Civil War and accompanied his son into exile in France and the Netherlands. He also taught him horsemanship, fencing, and drawing.

The album was later inherited by Cavendish’s descendants and remained in their family until 2019, when it was sold at auction. The dealer Guy Peppiatt acquired 13 of the drawings and is now offering them for £8,000 each.

Peppiatt said the drawings are ‘very rare and very charming’. He added: ‘They show a young boy with a lively imagination and a keen eye for detail. They also reveal a lot about his personality and his upbringing. He was clearly encouraged to express himself creatively and to explore his interests.’

The drawings include scenes of hunting, fishing, sailing, and gardening, as well as portraits of dogs, horses, and birds. Some of them are signed with the initials ‘C.P.’ for Carolus Princeps (Charles Prince).

One of the most striking drawings shows a lion attacking a camel, which Peppiatt said was probably inspired by a book of exotic animals that Charles owned. Another drawing depicts a castle on a hill with a moat and a drawbridge, which may have been influenced by his visits to Windsor Castle.

Peppiatt said he hopes the drawings will find new homes in museums or private collections. He said: ‘They are important historical documents that shed light on a turbulent period in British history. They also show a different side of Charles II, who is usually remembered as a merry monarch who loved parties and women. These drawings show him as a sensitive and curious child who had a passion for art.’

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