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Russia and Wagner mercenaries clash over Ukraine conflict

Russia and Wagner mercenaries clash over Ukraine conflict

Russia and a notorious group of mercenaries have fallen out over the war in Ukraine, raising fears of more violence and instability in the region.

The Kremlin accused Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the Wagner military group, of ‘armed mutiny’ after he vowed to take revenge for the deaths of dozens of his fighters in a recent clash with Ukrainian forces.

Prigozhin, who is also known as ‘Putin’s chef’ because of his catering contracts with the Russian government, said he would not obey Moscow’s orders to withdraw his men from the frontlines.

‘We will not leave our brothers in trouble. We will not abandon them to the mercy of fate,’ he said in a statement on Saturday.

He also blamed Russia for failing to provide adequate support and intelligence to his troops, who he claimed were fighting to protect Russian interests and civilians in eastern Ukraine.

Wagner is a shadowy private military company that has been involved in conflicts across Africa and the Middle East, often acting as a proxy for Russian interests.

It has been accused of human rights abuses, war crimes and meddling in elections by Western governments and international organizations.

Russia has denied any official links to Wagner, but analysts say the group operates with the tacit approval and backing of the Kremlin.

The rift between Moscow and Prigozhin comes amid escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine over the fate of the Donbass region, where pro-Russian separatists have been fighting against the Ukrainian government since 2014.

Russia has amassed more than 100,000 troops near the border with Ukraine, sparking fears of a possible invasion or annexation.

The US and its allies have warned Russia of ‘severe consequences’ if it attacks Ukraine, and have pledged to provide more military and economic aid to Kiev.

Ukraine has also appealed for more international support and recognition of its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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