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The Mystery of the Titanic Submarine Passengers’ Remains

The Mystery of the Titanic Submarine Passengers' Remains

The shock of losing loved ones suddenly is one of the most troubling of tragedies. But add to that the mystery of where their bodies might lie at the bottom of the ocean.

For the families and friends of the five people who went missing with the Titanic tourist submarine on June 21, this is the painful reality they face.

The Oceangate submersible, named Titan, was on a mission to explore the wreck of the Titanic when it lost contact with its support ship. A massive search and rescue operation has been underway since then, but so far no sign of the vessel or its occupants has been found.

The Titan was carrying two pilots and three passengers: a journalist, a marine biologist and a wealthy adventurer. They were among the first civilians to visit the Titanic site in more than 15 years, as part of a new venture by Oceangate to offer deep-sea tourism and research opportunities.

The Titanic lies about 2.4 miles (3.8 kilometers) below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, in a remote and hostile environment. The water pressure is crushing, the temperature is near freezing and the visibility is limited. The submersible was equipped with sophisticated technology and safety features, but also faced many risks and challenges.

Experts say that finding and recovering the submersible and its occupants would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, given the depth, distance and debris field of the Titanic wreck. Even if the submersible is located, it is unclear whether it would be intact or damaged, and whether it would be possible to retrieve any human remains from inside.

Some relatives of the missing people have expressed hope that their loved ones are still alive, perhaps trapped in an air pocket or a life raft. Others have accepted that they are likely gone, but still want closure and answers.

One of them is Susan Smith, whose husband John Smith was one of the pilots of the Titan. She told NBC News that she believes he died doing what he loved, but she also wants to know what happened to him and his colleagues.

“I want them to find the sub,” she said. “I want them to bring them home.”

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